Attitudes during spiritual practice

Attitude can be everything. Make sure yours is steering you well in meditation and other practice.

Attitudes during spiritual practice

We can all do well to examine our own attitude when we sit down to meditate or during other regular spiritual practices, such as simple self-reflection during the day. Today I examined mine and this is what I reminded myself of.

Conducive attitudes

Practice with:

  • Awareness. Bring light to every shadow.
  • Patience. There is no rush because there is no time.
  • Compassion. Be kind and don't get hung up on faults.
  • Certainty. Allow the mind to be firm and established in Truth only - that which does not depend on anything else. Know that it is always possible at every moment, even if it does not immediately appear as such.
  • Earnestness. Make practice important...
  • Calmness. ... but not too important.

Un-conducive attitudes

Practice without:

  • Doubt. It confuses the mind and disperses focus.
  • Distraction. It wastes energy and prevents seeing things as they are.
  • Judgement. Just observe rather than labeling good or bad, or thinking in terms of "improving yourself".
  • Preaching. Others will find their way, focus on yourself and simply be their light.
  • Perfectionism. There is no specific ideal way to be. There is really nothing to attain.