I like privacy and I hope you do too.  Rest assured, I designed my site to preserve your privacy and control.  My goal is to free minds, not measure them and take them over to my advantage.

This site is powered entirely by Open Source software, hosted by myself on my own hardware.

I currently do not store any cookies.  (In the future I may need to use cookies to add optional useful functionality to this site, such as the ability for users to log in and comment.)

This site is inherently GDPR compliant by design. There are no cookie settings to adjust nor anything to accept/decline.

I use an Open Source privacy-preserving logging system simply to tally statistics which are useful to help me improve this site, or may even be interesting for users.  For example the number of views of each article, and how many users are located in various countries.  All recorded data that is visible to me is also visible to you.  As you can see, none of this data is personally identifiable and I do not (and cannot) use the data for any anti-user purposes such as targeting advertising, or forcing you into algorithmically generated addiction.