Photo by Alexander Sinn / Unsplash

Curious about what I used to make all this?  Here is a summary of technology and services used.



  • MySQL - A free database
  • Caddy - Modern friendly server and reverse proxy
  • Docker - Container platform for easily deploying web applications or sites
  • Ubuntu - A truly free operating system, used as both server and desktop OS

Content Creation

  • GIMP - Powerful free image editor
  • Krita - Powerful digital painting tool
  • Mozilla Firefox - Web browser of choice for viewing and debugging
  • Obsidian - Writing app where I draft ideas and more

Audio and Video



  • Pixabay - Free stock images
  • Unsplash - More free stock images
  • VS Code - IDE code editor
  • Indieweb - Great resource supporting Independent Web-ers like myself
  • Mastodon - A federated approach to social media and microblogging
  • mdBook - Generates a documentation website from md files (used for my LinuxGuide)
  • Netlify - A static site host, currently used for my LinuxGuide
  • Zoho - Email hosting